When will I be billed for my subscription?

The first billing occurs right away when you first purchase the subscription. After that you’ll be synced to our normal billing cycle.

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All coffees are roasted only to order. This is the reason why SLURP coffee experience coffees are billed before production. Based on successful payments, the coffees will be roasted uniquely for each customer and sent directly from the roaster, so that they arrive as fresh as possible to you.

The first coffee of your SLURP coffee experience will be roasted and sent to you as soon as possible (usually after about one week from roasting, unless you've asked for a later shipping date).

The first coffee is delivered as soon as possible so that you could start enjoying superbly delicious coffees with as little delay as possible.

With the second coffee you will be synchronised to our regular billing rhythm (even-numbered week's Tuesdays).

For this reason the time between the first and second coffees varies between 1–3 weeks depending on when you made the initial order. After the second coffee the interval between deliveries should be 2 or 4 weeks according to your selection. Please note that shipping with Posti usually takes 1–3 days within Finland, and longer depending on your location abroad.

We are more than happy to answer all questions you might have about ordering or the billing and shipping cycle. We are grateful for all feedback and improvement ideas. Our goal is perfect customer happiness.

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