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SLURP coffee experience (subscriptions)
What coffees do you send to SLURP coffee experience subscribers? Do the coffees change?
What coffees do you send to SLURP coffee experience subscribers? Do the coffees change?

Slurp offers the largest variety of different Third Wave coffees from already around 20 different roasters.

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Where do the coffees come from?

Artisan roasters choose the most interesting and high quality coffees from around the world. These coffees are typically from the latest harvests, which ensures also the freshness of the unroasted (green) beans.

Green beans from the best farmers are roasted to perfection in the hands of the artisan roaster, and delivered when the taste is optimal.

What coffees will I receive in SLURP coffee experience?

With a SLURP coffee experience subscription each shipment will contain a new, interesting and definitely delicious coffee from one of our artisan roaster partners directly to your home. Each coffee comes always from a different roaster. We make sure that the coffees chosen for you are ones that you'll definitely like.

Can I order more of a coffee that I really liked?

When it comes to Third Wave coffees, the harvests and lots are often limited and unique. That’s why the same coffee might not be available other than a very limited time. Coffees presented in the SLURP coffee experience subscriptions are often small batches that the roaster simply might not have more available.

The coffees delivered in SLURP coffee experience are often exclusive roasts only for our subscribers, but sometimes you might be in luck.

You can find the information of the availability of the coffee by clicking the button below. The selection will be updated according to the availability.

How do the choices I make on the site affect my subscription?

For example, if you choose the flavour profile SLURP dark, take the pre-ground option and filter coffee as your brewing method, you would receive dark roasted coffees perfectly ground for filter brewing methods.

If you select SLURP light as the flavour profile, beans and espresso as the brewing method and you would receive light espresso optimised roasts as beans.

You may choose from the following flavor profiles:
SLURP light
SLURP medium
SLURP dark
SLURP midnight

In short, we choose the most interesting and delicious coffees for each shipment. You will receive a new experience with every delivery straight to your home! Exciting!

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