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When are the SLURP coffee experience coffees delivered?
When are the SLURP coffee experience coffees delivered?

All coffees are roasted only to order and are delivered fresh straight from the artisan roaster.

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In SLURP coffee experience coffees typically arrive at your home around even-numbered weeks' Tuesdays (in Finland, a bit later abroad depending on your location). All coffees are roasted based on successful payments.

Example of our billing and shipping cycle from Finland

  1. Even-numbered week's Tuesday: the subscriptions renew (payments).

  2. The following Monday: orders are forwarded to a roaster a week after renewals. This is so that also failed payments can still make the order. The roasters starts roasting the coffees.

  3. The following Friday: the roaster ships the coffees straight from their roastery.

  4. The following Tuesday (about two weeks from the renewal above): the freshly roasted coffee slips through your mailslot filling your entrance with its intoxicating aroma.

Does the coffee lose its flavour during shipping?

The aromas and flavour develop still 1–2 weeks after roasting. So actually the coffee arrives to you exactly when the taste is starting to be developed and at its best.

How are the coffees delivered?

Within Finland the shipping is handled by Posti. Abroad our partner is DHL and their local partners in different countries. More detailed information regarding deliveries can be found in Shipping article.

When will I receive the first and second coffees? What about the coffees after those?

The first coffee of your SLURP coffee experience is roasted and shipped as soon as possible, within a week after your initial order, so that you wouldn't have to wait too long to start enjoying amazing coffees. After this you are synchronised to our regular shipping rhythm. Read more here.

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Please contact us through the chat or by email, whenever you have any questions or comments. We are grateful for all feedback, ideas and comments. We aim for perfect customer happiness.

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