Can I skip coffees/shipments?

Going on holiday or have too much coffee? You can put your subscription on hold anytime in your own account.

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You can place your coffee experience on hold anytime, for example for a longer holiday - this also makes it easy to reactivate your subscription when you want to continue enjoying top quality small roast coffees at home! Please note that if you cancel your SLURP coffee experience completely, it cannot be resumed and you will have to place a completely new order when you want to continue your subscription. Therefore, cancelling your order may be a better option!

  1. Sign in to your own account.

  2. You should see your dashboard (on mobile scroll down).

  3. Click on "Suspend" on the subscription that you want to put on hold.

After suspending your subscription your subscription won't be charged and no coffee will be sent to roasting.

Please note that any coffees that have already been charged will still be delivered. Subscriptions renew always 14 days before the next delivery.

If you would like to put your subscription on hold for a set time, please be in contact with us at info(at), and we'll do this for you. In this case the subscription will automatically continue after the set time for the hold period is over.

Re-activating your subscription

Please find the instructions on how to reactivate your subscription here.

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