How do I get coffee again after a pause?

Re-activating your SLURP coffee experience is easy through your own account by clicking "Reactivate".

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The subscription is reactivated in your own account. 

  1. Please sign into to your account.

  2. You should see your dashboard (on mobile scroll down).

  3. Click on "Reactivate" on the subscription that you want to put on hold.

Please note that after reactivating your subscription the next renewal will be on the following odd-numbered week's Tuesday.

After a successful renewal payment, you will receive the next coffee approximately 14 days later (depending on your location).

Need a coffee fast?

If you'd like to have a coffee already faster, you can order single coffees from the wide selection of our online store here. Please note each roasters' own production and shipping schedule, which you can find in the description of each single coffee.

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