Can I order more of a coffee that I really liked?

The coffees delivered in SLURP coffee experience are often exclusive roasts only for our subscribers, but sometimes you might be in luck.

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How do I know, if there is more coffee available for single orders?

You can find the information of the availability of the coffee by clicking the button below. The selection will be updated according to the availability. 

Why is the same coffee not always available?

When it comes to Third Wave coffees, the harvests and lots a often limited and unique. That's why the same coffee might not be available other than a very limited time. Coffees presented in the SLURP coffee experience subscriptions are often small batches that the roaster simply might not have more available.

Can I get a similar coffee?

In the selection of our online store there's already about a hundred different single coffees from several artisan roasters. You can browse the selection with different filters here. The selection gets wider all the time.

Please don't hesitate to contact us, in case you'd like our recommendation on what could be the best fit for a coffee that you really liked before.

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