How can I cancel my SLURP coffee experience?
You can pause or cancel the service any time through your own account.
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Putting the subscription on hold

We recommend simply suspending the subscription, if you still want to continue
receiving delicious coffees at a later time, for example after a trip abroad or another longer pause. Please read the instructions on how to do so here.

Cancelling the subscription

Instead of suspending the subscription, you can also cancel it completely through your own account.

Please note that a cancelled SLURP coffee experience cannot be continued later. Instead you have to customise a new one, when you want to continue receiving Third Wave coffees straight to your home.

  1. Sign in to your own account

  2. and click "Cancel" on the active subscription that you want to end.

Will I still receive coffee after pausing/cancelling my subscription?

After pausing/cancelling the service you might still receive one coffee, if it has already been charged. This final coffee will arrive in the same rhythm as the earlier coffees.

We are happy to help you with this and everything else through the chat or email info(at)

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