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SLURP coffee experience (subscriptions)
What options can I choose when customising myself a SLURP coffee experience?
What options can I choose when customising myself a SLURP coffee experience?

You can choose the flavour profile, origin of roasteries, the coffee as beans or ground, preferred amount and shipping interval.

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The SLURP coffee experience offers you a chance to discover Third Wave coffees according to your personal preferences with regular deliveries and always new experiences.

You get to choose

  1. Type of order (original/ premium/ rare/ organic/ decaf)

  2. The flavour profile

  3. Whether you want your coffee as beans or ground for your brewing method

  4. The brewing method that you'd like the coffee for

  5. The right amount of coffee for you

  6. For the shipping interval you can choose 2 or 4 weeks

The coffees are delivered straight to your home in our unique and specially designed packaging that fits your mailslot. Read more about our packaging here.

1 Type of order

We provide order types of SLURP original, SLURP premium, SLURP rare, SLURP organic and SLURP decaf. We provide worldwide shipping, so you can make the order to any country of your wish, regardless of your living country!

Finland - SLURP original / SLURP rare / SLURP organic / SLURP decaf

Japan - SLURP premium

Germany - SLURP premium

2 The flavour profile

We have three roast level options in our SLURP coffee experience services: SLURP light, SLURP medium, SLURP dark and SLURP midnight. The available options depend on services. You also have a possibility to order coffee as organic or decaf.

SLURP light

You'll like this, if you enjoy fruity and acidic flavours. Coffees with this roast present light and fresh flavours. Nuances of berries, fruits and citrus. The taste varies from citrusy to fruity and sweet. Lightly brewed some of the varieties can get even tea-like qualities and intoxicating scents.

SLURP medium

This is for you, if you like nuances of nuts, milk chocolate and caramel-like sweetness. Coffees with this roast share qualities of low acidity and soft and rich flavours. Flavour nuances vary between nutty and milk-chocolaty to brown sugar and ripe fruits.

SLURP dark

If you like that roasty, sweet taste of coffee, this is for you. Dark chocolate, caramel and soft roastiness. All coffees with dark roast are bold and full-bodied. Typical roasty flavours are dark chocolate, nuts and dark caramel. Aromas of brown sugar, spices and smokiness.

SLURP midnight

You'll enjoy this, if you like really dark, even smoky coffee. Plenty of strength and robustness. Strong roastiness, nuances of dark cocoa and earthy spices. Often also smoky flavours are strongly present. Owing to its strong flavour profile, the coffees with this roast work well also with milk for example as a cafe au lait.

3 Whether you want beans or ground for your brewing method

You can choose whether you want whole beans or ground for your particular brewing method. We recommend whole beans for the freshest coffee!

4 The brewing method that you'd like the coffee for

Choose the method you use most commonly. We have coffees for every taste and every brewing method. We can even grind the coffee according to your preferred brewing method โ€” if you choose to get coffee as ground. Just select it from a dropdown of choices when purchasing a coffee.

5 The right amount of coffee for you

200 grams: Coffee for around 2 cups a day for 14 days

400 grams: Coffee for around 4 cups a day for 14 days

600 grams: Coffee for around 6 cups a day for 14 days

800 grams: Coffee for around 8 cups a day for 14 days

1000 grams: Coffee for around 10 cups a day for 14 days

Please note, that all coffees are delivered in bags of 200g or 400g. If you purchase bigger sizes that 400g, coffee arrives in several separate bags so they will fit to your mailbox or mailslot.

6 The shipping interval either 2 or 4 weeks

Choose this according to your consumption. Either one you choose, you get fresh artisan coffee delivered directly to your mailslot!

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