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SLURP premium Japan information
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SLURP premium Japan information

Konnichiwa! Like Japanese chefs and pastry chefs who are active on the world stage, Japanese coffee roasters are now gaining attraction too.

Having a keen sense of taste, high technical skill and sincere dedication towards coffee beans, Japanese roasters have made a name for themselves in international coffee competitions.

The SLURP partner roasters from Japan take you on a journey through the exciting Japanese coffee culture. This service delivers beautiful, super sweet, clean coffees from exclusive lots and sought after producers. These coffees are very high scoring and will alter your perception of coffee altogether.

Payment and delivery schedule

SLURP Japan Premium subscription coffees will be roasted and delivered to you once a month according to our roasting schedule.

  • All of your SLURP Japan Premium coffees will be roasted and shipped on according to the schedule. SLURP Japan Premium service has a 4-week delivery interval, meaning the shipping date will be once a month.

  • The first coffee is charged when you place the order and the following coffees will be charged every four weeks on Tuesdays, 10 days before shipping.

  • You can make changes to your SLURP Japan Premium subscription anytime in your account. Please note that changes to your subscription will always apply to coffees from the next renewal forward, because earlier coffees are already in production.

  • SLURP premium Japan orders are shipped to Finland via DHL, and SLURP distributes the coffees forward to ensure smooth deliveries. For DHL Express deliveries from Japan, we choose GoGreen Plus and domestically inside Finland, Posti's small parcels (Pikkupaketti) are carbon neutral.

The shipping from roasters in the year 2024 will be on Fridays from week 2 onwards scheduled as below:

  • 12.01.2024

  • 02.02.2024

  • 01.03.2024

  • 29.03.2024

  • 26.04.2024

  • 24.05.2024

  • 21.06.2024

  • 19.07.2024

  • 16.08.2024

  • 13.09.2024

  • 11.10.2024

  • 08.11.2024

  • 06.12.2024

We are more than happy to answer all questions you might have about ordering or the billing and shipping cycle. We are grateful for all feedback and improvement ideas. Our goal is perfect customer happiness.

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