What coffees do you have?
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We send you coffees from the Finland’s best artisan roasters. Currently, we cooperate with about 20 different coffee roasters.

All coffees are roasted to order, packed fresh and sent to you right away. ☕️

You can choose the amount, brewing method, flavour profile, and whether you want the coffee as whole beans or ground according to your brewing method. Within these options, our coffee experts choose you a new, interesting and delicious coffee for every shipment.

You can find all the information on each of the subscription coffees in our blog.

We ship different coffees every other week (SLURP light, SLURP medium, SLURP dark, SLURP midnight, light espresso, dark espresso, SLURP decaf, SLURP organic and soon SLURP rare) which makes more than 100 coffees a year!

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