Changes to my coffee subscription

Which changes can I make to my coffee subscription?

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You can easily make many changes to your active Slurp Coffee Experience subscription.

You're able to change these things: 

  1. Brewing method:
    Options: Filter Coffee, French Press, Moka Pot, Espresso, Pot Coffee, Percolator, Chemex, Pour Over (V60), Aeropress, Turkish Coffee

  2. Flavour world:
    Options: SLURP light, SLURP medium, SLURP dark, SLURP midnight

  3. Ground
    Options: Beans, ground

  4. Order amount
    Options: 200g, 400g, 600g, 800g, 1000g

If you make some changes those will be activated on the next renewal day. You can check the next renewal date from your Slurp account.

In case you'd like to change the delivery rhythm (2 weeks or 4 weeks), please contact our customer support via chat or by sending email to info(at)

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