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What is the payment and shipping schedule of SLURP rare?
What is the payment and shipping schedule of SLURP rare?
The first billing occurs right away when you first purchase the subscription. After that you will be synced to our normal billing cycle.
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All coffees are roasted only to order. This is the reason why SLURP coffee experience coffees are billed before production. Based on successful payments, the coffees will be roasted uniquely for each customer and sent directly from the roaster, so that they arrive as fresh as possible to you.

The first coffee of your SLURP rare coffee experience will be roasted and sent to you according to the regular shipping & billing schedule, which is every four weeks. Rare coffees renew every four weeks, on Tuesdays every other even week. Coffees are always roasted the next week after renewal, and shipped on the next week's Friday.

Since the coffees are shipped once every four weeks, the first coffee shipment might not be included in the current month's deliveries, if the subscription has been created after the orders of that month have moved to production.

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