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Shipping methods and estimated delivery times of coffees and equipment

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Caution: currently we are unable to ship coffees and teas to the countries below. We will look into the problem and hopefully in the future we can ship coffees to those countries as well.

  • Kuwait, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Turkey

  • Due to ongoing situation in Europe DHL has stopped all deliveries from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine (1.3.2022)


Where and how do we deliver the coffees?

We ship coffees worldwide. Our coffee bags will have all the proper documents attached for the customs clearance. Most likely, the coffee will arrive to you without delays, but you should be aware of the customs regulations of your shipping country.

Within Finland, coffees and teas are delivered using Posti's carbon neutral Pikkupaketti service. All coffee shipments in Finland are tracked and delivered directly to the recipient's mailbox.

The shipping fee is 2,99 € for tea, 3,49 € for the 200g coffee bag and the 400g coffee bag. All prices include VAT 24%.

Internationally all coffees are delivered by DHL and their local partners in different countries. All coffees should arrive straight to the customer’s address since the Slurp coffee bag/envelope is slim enough to fit into a mailbox. We use two coffee bag sizes: 200g and 400g. In EU the shipping fee is 3,49€ for the 200g and 3,99€ for the 400g coffee bags. All prices include VAT 24%.

International shipping fee (Outside of EU) is 6,89 € for the 200g and 10,89€ for the 400g coffee bag. Bigger order sizes are available as multiples of 200g and 400g bags. Coffee shipments are sent by untracked DHL Global Mail service. Please, note that there is no tracking code available in international deliveries.

NOTE! The current prices are valid from 9.4.2024 onward. Changes to shipping costs don't affect subscriptions that have been placed before 9.4.2024. If you place your subscription on hold and reactivate it after the pause, the old price will still apply. If you change your subscription to a bigger size, change the flavour profile or brewing method, the new pricing will take effect.

Shipping from Germany

Within Germany, coffees are delivered using DP Warenpost.

In the EU the shipping fee for deliveries from Germany starts from 4,50€ for the 200g and 5.99€ for 400g coffee bags. All prices include VAT.

International shipping fee (Outside of EU) from Germany starts from 5.99€ for the 200g and 6.99€ for the 400g coffee bag.

You will see the corresponding shipping fee as soon as you select the country of destination.

See effects on shipping and delivery by Deutsche Post DHL from their website.

Shipping from Japan

Within Japan, coffees are delivered using Japan Post services. Average delivery time within Japan is 1 business day. International deliveries will be handled by Japan Post.

Currently due to IOSS issue between Japan and Finland, SLURP Japan Premium subscription coffees are imported to Finland by SLURP and re-shipped from Finland to the end customer.

Please note, there is no tracking code available for international deliveries.

How long does it take for the coffee to arrive?

The SLURP coffee subscription coffees from Finland are dispatched every other Friday, uneven numbered weeks. However, right after becoming a subscriber, the first coffee is delivered as soon as possible.

All the coffees ordered from our webstore will be roasted according to each roasters' roasting schedules. See more information about the roasting times from each coffee.

Estimated average delivery times are in business days:

  • Germany: 3.5

  • Sweden: 7.4

  • France: 4.4

  • United Kingdom: 5.7

  • Netherlands: 4.3

  • Norway: 7.0

  • Estonia: 10.2

  • Slovakia: 10.6

  • Poland: 5.0

  • Russia: 18.8

  • United States: 9

  • Brazil: 14.2

  • Australia: 11.8

  • Japan: 8.0

  • Malaysia: 13.7

  • Korea Republic: 12.4.

United States is currently experiencing some bag log in Postal import, which can cause some areal delays in deliveries.


Slurp ships all equipment (anything but coffee or tea) by using GLS, DHL Express or Posti. Orders are processed at latest during the next business day. International equipment deliveries will be sent to your home address.

Caution: currently we are unable to ship equipment to Russia, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Turkey and Ukraine.

There will be a tracking code available as soon as the delivery has been shipped from our warehouse. You'll be able to see the tracking code on your own Slurp account. Click "orders" and open the desired order from the order list by clicking “view”. When opening an order you're able to see the tracking code. Please notice that the tracking code will be visible as soon as the product has been sent from our warehouse. You'll get an email update about the delivery process and the tracking code is also provided in the email.

Shipping costs will be calculated at the checkout. For some products and countries, there may be other shipping options available. They can always be seen at the checkout.

There have been changes in Posti's parcel services regarding mandatory parcel information as of 19.9.2023 that require the recipient's telephone number on all shipments.

For gift orders inside Finland, please do not include your phone number or email in the recipient's address information. Unfortunately, the delivery might not be delivered to the recipient if you include your own contact details. You can add the recipient's phone number in the comment field at the checkout to make sure the delivery is routed correctly.

International equipment deliveries

GLS Euro Business Parcel (EU, Norway, Switzerland)

Delivery time is usually 1-5 business days. Please notice that to remote areas the delivery might take up to eight business days.

Sweden and Baltic countries: 1-3 business days

Other European countries: 3-5 business days

Shipping cost is 14,99€.

DHL Express (Outside of EU)

Delivery time is 1-2 business days.

Shipping cost is 34,90€.

Domestic equipment deliveries

Posti Packet (Finland)

Your packet is delivered to the nearest Post Office or collection point by default. The delivery time is 1-2 business days. Shipping cost is 6,90€.

Posti Home Delivery (Finland)

Your packet is delivered to your home address in 1-2 business days. Posti will contact you about the delivery time. Shipping cost is 12,90€.
Posti Tracking

Customs Clearance

SLURP is part of the VAT special scheme (One Stop Shop)

We are part of the One Stop Shop -system, which allows us to add value-added tax (VAT) into our products according to the shopping country, when the country belongs to the European Union VAT territory.

If you live outside EU VAT territory, you will need to pay the local VAT through customs clearance. The amount of value-added tax charged in customs clearance depends on the VAT rate of the destination country. In Finland, value-added tax is 24 % for products and 14 % for coffee and tea.

If you purchase our products from outside EU:

To inside EU:
We will charge you the VAT in checkout according to the destination country. Product will be shipped you without customs clearing. You will see the VAT percentage and the final price with VAT in the checkout.

To outside EU:
We will sell the product to you free of VAT. You will need pay the VAT in your local customs clearing according to the local value-added-tax rate.

More information here.

More questions? Contact us via chat or email: info(at)

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