Payment methods

We accept the most common payment methods in our online store. You can pay your purchases with direct bank transfer (Finnish banks) and cards (credit, debit, visa electron).

A combination card (credit/debit) has credit number on the front side written with big numbers. The debit number is on the backside written with small numbers. You can make a normal card payment with debit number as well which means that the money comes straight from your bank account and you won’t get a credit bill.

  • SSL secured payments.

  • All payment methods without additional fees.

Valid payment cards are:

Valid bank transfers can be made through:

Will I receive a receipt for my purchase?

Yes! The receipt will come as an email from all single purchases. If you subscribe to our coffee experience, you are able to view all receipts from your own account and from your email.

Is value-added tax (VAT) included into the prices of your products?

Value-added tax (VAT) is included into our prices inside the EU VAT territory, according to the VAT rate of the destination country. However, prices for customers outside EU are without VAT, and the VAT is charged in the local customs clarification.

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